List of accepted papers

Oral presentations

Generative Structured Normalizing Flow Gaussian Processes Applied to Spectroscopic Data [Best Paper Award]

AND/OR Branch-and-Bound for Computational Protein Design Optimizing K*

Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Constraining Star Formation Histories

Machine Learning-enhanced Efficient Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Modeling

Nuances of Interpreting X-ray Analysis by Deep Learning and Lessons for Reporting Experimental Findings

Poster presentations

Accelerating Understanding of Scientific Experiments with End to End Symbolic Regression

Miti-DETR: Object Detection based on Transformers with Mitigatory Self-Attention Convergence

Optimal Pricing of Information

AA-PINN: Attention Augmented Physics Informed Neural Networks

Preventing Deforestation: Modeling and Prediction of Vulnerabilities in Forest Conservation

Emulating Spatio-Temporal Realizations of Three-Dimensional Isotropic Turbulence via Deep Sequence Learning Models

Towards Autonomous Satellite Communications: An AI-based Framework to Address System-level Challenges

A Whole-Slide is Greater Than the Sum of Its…Patches

Principled and Data Efficient Support Vector Machine Training Using the Minimum Description Length Principle, with Application in Breast Cancer Prediction

Deep Learning Image-based Design of Graphene-reinforced Polyurethane Foams

DeepGamma: A Deep Learning Model for Activity Coefficient Prediction

Zero Shot Learning for Predicting Energy Usage of Buildings in Sustainable Design

Demystifying the Data Need of ML-surrogates for CFD Simulations

Transformers and Contextual Information in Temperature Prediction of Residential Buildings for Improved Energy Consumption

Say Yes To The Fetch: Product Retrieval on a Structured Multimodal Catalog

pySTED : A STED Microscopy Simulation Tool for Machine Learning Training

Scientific Discovery and the Cost of Measurement - Balancing Information and Cost in Reinforcement Learning

Domain Knowledge-Based Automated Analog Circuit Design with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Machine Learning-Accelerated Computational Solid Mechanics: Application to Linear Elasticity

Hybrid Machine Learning Models for Storm Surge Prediction

Sample-efficient Search for Satisfactory OLED Designs

OsiriXgrpc: Rapid development and deployment of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence for clinical practice

On Solving Inverse Kinematics of Redundant Robots Using Invertible Neural Networks with Ex-Post Density Estimation

Considerations for the next generation of drone delivery systems