List of accepted papers

Oral presentations

Inferring Atmospheric Properties of Exoplanets with Flow Matching and Neural Importance Sampling

Cascading Failure Prediction in Power Grid Using Node and Edge Attributed Graph Neural Networks

Inverse Design of Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers is a Sequence Modeling Problem

Sparse Estimation of Dynamical System Based on Hamiltonian Mechanics

Neural Architecture Codesign for Fast Bragg Peak Analysis

Vertical AI-driven Scientific Discovery

Open-Source Fermionic Neural Network With Ionic Charge Initialization

Generative AI for Co-Crystal Design with Property Control

Poster presentations

Some of our presenters couldn’t attend the workshop in person. They kindly sent us a video or poster presentation of their work. Please find them listed with Video Link or Poster Link in front of the corresponding paper below.

Predicting ATP binding sites in protein sequences using Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing | Video Link

Bayesian Transfer Learning of Neural Network-Based Interatomic Force Models

Pilot Experimentation for Safe Exploration and Side-Effects Avoidance

Fashion Chatroom: An Automated Pipeline for Fashion Dataset Construction

Acceleron: A Tool to Accelerate Research Ideation

Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) in Semiconductor Material Science: Early Explorations into the Next Frontier of Generative AI-Assisted Electron Micrograph Analysis

Preliminary Investigations of a Multi-Faceted Robust and Synergistic Approach in Semiconductor Electron Micrograph Analysis: Integrating Vision Transformers with Large Language and Multimodal Models

Reprogramming Foundational Large Language Models(LLMs) for Enterprise Adoption for Spatio-Temporal Forecasting Applications: Unveiling a New Era in Copilot-Guided Cross-Modal Time Series Representation Learning

A Bimodal Convolutional Autoencoder for Seed Purity Testing

Position Paper on Materials Design – A Modern Approach

A Multi-View approach based on Graphs and Chemical Language Foundation Model for Molecular Properties Prediction

ATLANTIC: Structure-Aware Retrieval-Augmented Language Model for Interdisciplinary Science | Poster Link

BirdNET-Annotator: AI-Assisted Strong Labelling of Bird Sound Datasets

MetaDesigner: A web app-based design tool powered by deep learning inverse models for accelerated design of metamaterials

Leveraging Sound Collections for Animal Species Classification with Weakly Supervised Learning

An Online Optimization-Based Decision Support Tool for Small Farmers in India: Learning in Non-stationary Environments

ChemGymRL: An Interactive Framework for Reinforcement Learning for Digital Chemistry

Pre-training of Molecular GNNs as Conditional Boltzmann Generator

AI-Enhanced Molecular Design in the Quantum Realm: Prospects, Perspectives, and Challenges

Beyond mirkwood: Enhancing SED Modeling with Conformal Predictions

Surrogate Modelling for Sea Ice Concentration using Lightweight Neural Ensemble | Poster Link

PatchFlow: Leveraging a Flow-Based Model with Patch Features

Leveraging Transfer Learning and Active Learning for Sound Event Detection in Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Wildlife