The workshop will be held on 28th February, 2022 and all times are in PST (Pacific Standard Time zone).

8:45am-9:00am: Opening Remarks

9:00am-9:30am: Invited Speaker: Max Welling

9:30am-10:00am: Invited Speaker: José Miguel Hernández-Lobato

10:00am-10:30am: Invited Speaker: Carla P. Gomes

10:30am-11:00am: Spotlight Presentations 1

  • Nuances of Interpreting X-ray Analysis by Deep Learning and Lessons for Reporting Experimental Findings
    • Steinar Valsson (University of St Andrews); Ognjen Arandjelovic (University of St Andrews)
  • Machine Learning-enhanced Efficient Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Modeling
    • Ayush Arunachalam (UT Dallas); S. Novia Berriel (University of Central Florida); Parag Banerjee (University of Central Florida); Kanad Basu (UT Dallas)

11am-12:00pm: Poster Session and Discussion

12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00pm-1:30pm: Invited Speaker: Connor Coley

1:30pm-2:00pm: Invited Speaker: Andrew White

2:00pm-2:30pm: Invited Speaker: Rocío Mercado

2:30pm-3:00pm: Spotlight Presentations 2

  • Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Constraining Star Formation Histories
    • Sankalp Gilda (ML Collective); Antoine de Mathelin (ENS Paris-Saclay); Sabine Bellstedt (International Center for Radio Astronomy Research, The University of Western Australia); Guillaume Richard (ENS Paris-Saclay)
  • AND/OR Branch-and-Bound for Computational Protein Design Optimizing K*
    • Bobak Pezeshki (UC Irvine); Radu Marinescu (IBM Research); Alexander Ihler (UC Irvine); Rina Dechter (UC Irvine)
  • Generative Structured Normalizing Flow Gaussian Processes Applied to Spectroscopic Data
    • Natalie Klein (Los Alamos National Lab); Nishant Panda (Los Alamos National Lab); Patrick Gasda (Los Alamos National Lab); Diane Oyen (Los Alamos National Lab)

3:00-4:00pm: Breakout sessions

4:00-5:00pm: Panel Discussion

5:00pm-5:15pm: Closing Remarks

5:30pm-7:00pm: Poster Session and Discussion